About Us

From our wedding day to the Movies!!! Two different concepts for one unique reason

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We are Santi & Patty… we love what we do! We are wedding cinematographers providing wedding videography in South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Orlando, Georgia and other destination weddings.

Making such an important decision like marrying your loved one, where two become one, means a lot for us as well. As a husband & wife, we know how important it is to have one of the most memorable days of your lives captured forever. We believe in marriage and we are really passionate in what we do…”capturing and telling love stories”.


Santi majored in Audiovisual Communication and he is an accomplished musician as well. He cares deeply about capturing perfect images and sounds during your wedding day in order to bring quality broadcasting into the final product.

About Patty

Patty majored in Graphic Design and she holds a writing career. Together, they are the perfect match that brings the Wedding Concepts Video’s team to life.

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                 We look forward to hearing from you!